Creating Successful Staff Retreats

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In this course you are going to learn a comprehensive approach to crafting a successful staff retreat for your organization. You are going to look at why retreats are conducted, look at retreat undertaking categories and then advance to the development and presentation of retreat activities.

Your retreat education doesn‰Ûªt stop there as you are also going to learn how to identify the critical elements of a staff retreat and you will learn to create a planning checklist and about the keys of running a retreat. When the retreat is over, your responsibilities aren‰Ûªt, you need to evaluate how things went so you will learn how to create an evaluation and follow up.

Creating Successful Staff Retreats brings you full circle from a consideration of retreats that you‰Ûªve attended, or heard of, right through setting the groundwork of a retreat on your own. Those initial steps are then followed by a deeper look at what you need to do to actually run the retreat, evaluate it and continue the message afterwards.


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